Tony Duquette for Paul Montgomery

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  • Island Reverie

    Island Reverie

    Island Reverie evokes the allure of a tropical coastline. Figures walk along the fantastical trees and foliage that line the sandy beaches, while dramatized birds and butterflies flutter overhead. The colors displayed by the stylized life forms invoke...
  • Kismet Kismet


    Tony Duquette was a costume designer for the 1955 film adaptation of “Kismet”, a musical adapted from a play in 1911 of the same name. The director of the film who hired Duquette to design the costumes also commissioned him to design interior...
  • Tony Porto Tony Porto

    Tony Porto

    This mural is derived from a Portuguese screen Tony had acquired from a friend and collector. Duquette used this screen to embellish his drawing room in San Francisco. Being a colorful inspiration in a space of creativity for many years, this screen can...
  • Undersea Ballet Undersea Ballet

    Undersea Ballet

    While the ballet that these sketches planned never came to be, Tony still created a wonderful world of under water enchantment when his creativity brought him this idea.Based on an old French story about a town swallowed by the sea, Tony's play was going...
  • Visit to Venice Visit to Venice

    Visit to Venice

    Tony Duquette had an understandable fascination with Venice, Italy and would always make a point to have a stopover when traveling across the Atlantic. This mural is a manifestation of his love for the historic Italian city. Duquette created a pen and...