Step 1 | Select A Mural

Select a mural from our library. Be sure to select a mural that fits your wall height. Our murals come in sections called "panels". Each panel fits together to create a scene. Scenes repeat from last panel to first.

Step 2 | Order Samples

Order samples to pin to your walls and preview. Step back and view your samples at different times throughout the day to consider all lighting. Samples typically arrive in 1 to 4 days.

Step 3 | Calculate Quantity

You may calculate this yourself using a tape measure. Add the widths of all walls receiving the mural and divide the total by the width of one panel, rounding up to the nearest panel. (Standard panel widths are 36”).

Example: If your wall is 100" long, divide by 36" to equal 2.77 and round up to 3 panels.

We can help! Just send us your room photos & measurements and we will provide a free estimate. Or order a Design Diagram (see Optional Step 3B below).


Optional Step 3B | Design Diagram


A design diagram can assist with both installing and ordering your mural. Send us your room measurements and we'll create a 2D plan to place mural panels into. This diagram will not only show how the mural will look, but also which panels will be used and where to install them. Email to create a diagram order now!


Step 4 | Order Your Mural

Once your calculations are complete, simply go to our site and add the appropriate panels to your cart and place your order. Your order will arrive within 3 to 6 weeks from receipt date.

Step 5 | Install Your Mural

We recommend hiring a professional installer to install your mural. We send a brief installation guide with each mural, including your Design Diagram if purchased (see below).

Bonus Step | Take Photos!

We love receiving photos from satisfied clients! You can email us at or send us photos via Instagram @TheMuralSource for a chance to be featured on our media outlets! Please send credits for design and photography if applicable.