Pioneering the design world with her eclectic and maximalist style, renowned interior designer Michelle Nussbaumer has collaborated with Paul Montgomery to create Wanderlust, a glamorous and refined wallpaper collection.


Michelle Nussbaumer’s unique aesthetic blends perfectly with Paul's expertise in creating hand-made wallpapers and custom murals for over 50 years. The collection is a journey of inspiration from cultures and locales spanning Europe to Asia, combining old-world elegance with beautiful eye-filling patterns whilst showcasing Michelle’s expertise and meticulous attention to detail in design.


“Two travellers, two artists, one dream…” Paul Montgomery 


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  • Batavia Batavia


    Batavia is inspired by the woven fabrics of East India. Clusters of flowers and grasses float in field of woven threads. The frames are available in various widths to be used in combinations to create attractive compositions."Let us design your room!" If...

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  • Cairo Stone Cairo Stone

    Cairo Stone

    Cairo Stone can add visual interest or color to a bedroom, living room, or any room in your apartment or home; wall covering mural has various panels, patterns and modular elements for custom arrangement. The Cairo Stone design is a dramatic addition to...

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  • Coromandel Coromandel


    Over many years Michelle has scoured markets and shops from Asia to France, building a collection of Coromandel Screens for her eponymous shop Ceylon et Cie. Our Coromandel was created from her love of the exotic in this dark and dramatic new offering...

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  • Far Pavilions Far Pavilions

    Far Pavilions

    Inspired by Michelle Nussbaumer's enduring love of blue and white, Far Pavilions borrows motifs from Michelle's vast personal collection of Chinese Porcelains. Combine and arrange elements to create an Eastern delight. Printed on nonwoven ground. This...

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  • Gustavia Gustavia


    Gustavia was born from Michelle’s love of the whimsical ornament found in the Royal Swedish castles of the 18th Century. The Swedes combined French and Russian references to form a style that is both rustic and playful. The quiet simplicity of this...

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  • Kaa printed mural wallpaper by Paul Montgomery. Aegean mural in room. Kaa printed mural wallpaper by Paul Montgomery. Aegean detail shot.


    Kaa, a monumental design in silver metallic effect is a stylized rendition of an antique Art Deco masterpiece is printed on a beautiful metallic background, suitable for dry and wet areas, residential and hospitality. This Mural Source design can add...

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  • Marquetry Chrysler Marquetry Chrysler

    Marquetry Chrysler

    As Michelle and Paul have worked together through many years, marquetry has always been something they have wanted to explore in depth. Together they have created a collection of wood inlay marquetry panels, which ranges from 18th century designs...

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  • Marquetry Île de France Marquetry Île de France

    Marquetry Île de France

    Marquetry Île de France is inspired by the craft of wooden inlay in a decidedly art deco design.

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  • Pasha Pasha


    Pasha is a fulfillment of Michelle’s dream to bring her most beloved work in Syria and Lebanon to America, using the techniques of mother of pearl and bone inlay. Printed on a metallic Type II Mylar to recreate the beautiful pearl effect. This is...

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  • Renzo Marmo Renzo Marmo

    Renzo Marmo

    While living in Rome, Michelle was inspired by the great Italian master Interior Architect, Renzo Mongiardino, whom Paul also admired for his masterful use of faux marbre. This journey into Maximalism exemplifies Michelle's Wanderlust design theory...

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  • Rubaiyat Rubaiyat


    Inspired by Michelle’s travels throughout Turkey, Morocco and the Middle East, this incredible design replicates the exotic tilework of these cultures. Rubaiyat is layered in luxe with all of the flora, fauna and geometric patterns that make the...

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  • Verdure Verdure


    Over her lifetime, Michelle has amassed a collection of Verdure Tapestries and tapestry fragments, acquiring her first piece while living in Rome. This Garden of Eden incorporates motifs from her collection into a beautiful, perfect, greenscape. Printed...

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