Wall Preparation

Walls should be prepped to a smooth, clean, and dry surface prior to installation. Murals will not hide wall flaws. Primer sealer should be used on unpainted drywall. Prime over glossy painted walls.* Primer sealer should be used on unpainted drywall, or over previously applied glossy paint. Use acrylic wallcovering primers: Professional Ultra Prime (PRO-977), Golden Harvest White Bite, or Allpro Ultra Prep 685. Priming provides a sound surface that wallcovering will adhere to. It is recommended to strip down previous layer(s) of wallcovering. The wallcovering may seem to be firmly adhered to the wall, but the addition of another layer can cause adhesion failure.

Paste Information

Use clear adhesives such as: Professional Ultra Premium Heavy Duty Clear Strippable (PRO-880), Golden Harvest GH-34 Clear Strippable, and Allpro Pro-Duty 3400. For more permanent wallcoverings, use Professional heavy Duty Clear PRO-838 or Allpro Clear Hang 610. Apply a coat of the desired adhesive using a 1/2” nap paint roller. Generally, any medium-weight, clear, vinyl adhesive is appropriate for installing these papers. If you have a preferred product, please feel free to use it. Do not dilute adhesive. Brush an even coat of paste over entire back of wallcovering. Gently double material together and “book” material for ten minutes. Do not fold or crease booked material.

Hanging Information

Do not use tape on the image surface. Do not get paste on image surface. Do not apply water to the image surface as it may cause discoloration. Trim away paper to printed image edge. Apply paste to the back with a roller on a clean surface. To hang, align the top and adjoining edges. Smooth panels into place using a smoothing brush, starting at the center of the panel working toward the edges. Push out any air pockets using the smoothing brush.

Sealing the Paper

We do not offer to seal our murals, however, a sealer or coating may typically be applied after the installation has cured.  

Non-Type II murals may have a protective coating or liquid laminate applied to protect it and extend life. Always pretest laminates prior to use for compatibility. Pressure-sensitive laminates are not recommended.


Customers must inspect wallcoverings within 30 days of receipt of package to ensure quality and quantity. No claims will be accepted for inadequate or faulty installation based on these instructions, nor will claims be accepted for cut or installed wallpaper.